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On our way back from a previous rally in 2014, the idea was planned by a great friend with a true passion for rally. We knew it was time for South Africa to host an international format Cross Country Rally Raid with international standards. South Africa produces some of the most successful and competitive rally cars, bikes and quads with small budgets in comparison to the world rally community. Therefore it makes sense that South Africa moves to the next level of Rally by hosting an international format rally. Southern Africa boasts some of the best rally terrain in the world.

With that in mind, we hereby announce the inaugural multi-stage cross country rally road, the South Africa Kalahari Rally. It will be hosted in the North West part of South Africa, only 25 km from the Botswana border, and in the Southern part of the Kalahari Desert. The rally has a medium term strategy to eventually be a multi-country rally. We look forward to welcoming you to the inaugural Kalahari Rally South Africa.